Homeoteleuton is a form of scribal error. It occurs when a scribe or copyist skips a line(s) in the copying process because the lines above it and below it have the same word ending, thus confusing the scribe where they left off.

If the error is caught, they may insert the omitted information later. The flow of text will jump and have a gap. This occurred in The Book of Mormon.

Why is this important? It is a sign of a scribal error that preceded Joseph Smith. It means he did not write it.

Here is the example from The Book of Mormon. Verse 16 interrupts the flow of verses 14-20; has the same ending as verse 12; and rightly belongs between 12 and 13. The originating scribe accidentally skipped recording the verse after 12, and recorded 13 instead. Two verses later (after verse 15), the error was realized and then inserted:

12 now they after being sanctified by the Holy Ghost having their garments made white being pure and spotless before God could not look upon sin save it were with abhorrence and there were many exceeding great many which were made pure and entered into the rest of the Lord their God
[verse 16 belongs here]
13 and now my brethren I would that ye should humble yourselves before God and bring forth fruit mete for repentance that ye may also enter into that rest

14 yea humble yourselves even as the people in the days of Melchizedek who was also a High Priest after this same order which I have spoken who also took upon him the High Priesthood forever
15 and it was this same Melchizedek to whom Abraham paid tithes yea even our father Abraham paid tithes of one tenth part of all he possessed
[16 now these ordinances were given after this manner that thereby the people might look forward on the Son of God it being a type of his order or it being his order and this that they might look forward to him for a remission of their sins that they might enter into the rest of the Lord.]
17 Now this Melchizedek was a king over the land of Salem and his people had waxed strong in iniquity and abominations yea they had all gone astray they were full of all manner of wickedness
18 but Melchizedek having exercised mighty faith and received the office of the High Priesthood according to the holy order of God did preach repentance unto his people and behold they did repent and Melchizedek did establish peace in the land in his days therefore he was called the Prince of Peace for he was the king of Salem and he did reign under his father
19 now there were many before him and also there were many afterwards but none were greater therefore of him they have more particularly made mention
20 now I need not rehearse the matter what I have said may suffice behold the Scriptures are before you if ye will arrest them it shall be to your own destruction. (Alma 13)