The Book of Mormon contains no information supporting the doctrine of Confirmation.

As a Requirement for Salvation?

In the Mormon Church, Confirmations are held as a requirement for salvation, and are even performed for the dead. The Book of Mormon contains no such requirement.

To Receive the Holy Spirit?

Many denominations use Confirmations to confer the Holy Spirit. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are clear that no such ordinance is required to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (1Nephi 10:17, Acts 10:44-48).


At times God has endowed certain of His servants with a special anointing of the Holy Spirit by which they could pass it on to others. They did it through clapping (Alma 31:36), or through the laying on of hands (3Nephi 18:36-37, Moroni 2). In neither case did they give the “gift” of the Holy Spirit.