What You Should Know

This is a list of specially prepared pages for different people and their points of view of what they should know about The Holy Book of Mormon.

Top Ten

Top discrepancies between the Holy Book of Mormon and the Mormon Church: 1. Kneel for Communion 1 The manner of their elders and priests administering the flesh and blood of Christ unto the church and they administered it according to the commandments of Christ wherefore …

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One who puts on a mask and feigns himself to be what he is not. Our Lord severely rebuked the scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy (Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary). Mormons espouse the Book of Mormon in their writings, at church, and their missionaries proselytize …

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Don’t be caught using one standard for accepting the Bible and another for the Book of Mormon. The authors of the Book of Mormon warned: 17 He that condemneth let him be aware lest he shall be in danger of hell fire.18 And he that saith: …

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The Book of Mormon has a great deal of respect for the Jews for they are still believing in the Messiah, and are therefore faithful. Wo unto those who have stopped believing! The Book of Mormon rightly prophesied that God’s ancient covenant people – the …

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Ask this question: “If I was a follower of the Book of Mormon, would my walk with Christ change”? Most Christians are unaware of the fact that not a single “Mormon Doctrine” is contained in the Book of Mormon. Next, ask this question – “Do …

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Why is the Seventh Day Adventist Church larger than the Mormon Church despite being 33 years younger?1 Why do the Adventists have more humanitarian efforts than the Mormons? Why do the Adventists publicize their financial and church attendance numbers but Mormons do not? Mormons have …

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